Distillate & Isolate CBD Oil Extraction

We understand the need of many farmers to utilize a professional extraction service. Large scale supercritical and alcohol equipment can be costly.

Kind Xtraction works with you to develop a process that works for you.  We also can work on your behalf to broker your finished product.  Contact us now to put together a plan for you.

Our mobile extraction unit comes to your location to process your hemp for you.

Hemp Brokerage

We Bring People Together

In this emerging market, it can be difficult for farmers to find buyers and for buyers to find product.

As a CBD & hemp broker our extensive contacts throughout the industry allow us to have a constant supply of wholesale CBD products.  We use this knowledge to streamline the supply chain process.

We bring the two together.  Contact us for details today.

Wholesale CBD Oil

Quality, consistency and on time delivery. These are the qualities brings to the market.  Whether your company is looking for U.S. grown raw hemp oil,  hemp flower, distillate or isolate you have found the right place.



Vape Pen Supplies, Beauty Product Producers, Dispensaries, Edibles Manufactures and a host of other industries are just some of the buyers of our wholesale full spectrum CBD products.  They understand and appreciate the great lengths goes through to provide a consistent stream of products, on time delivery, and a fluid sales process.


We provide raw hemp oil, distillate or isolate, enriched with CBD.  We extract by either using a our proprietary organic method or supercritical CO2.  There are several states of refinement.

Raw CBD Oil is the first state of refinement, which removes the cannabinoids from most all plant matter.  Leaving behind terpenes, cannabiniods, and lipids-allowing for the “entourage effect’ of healing.

CBD Distillate is winterized and free of lipids and fatty acids.  It is considered a full spectrum CBD product.  Meaning that most cannabinoids are terpenes, are still present, which allow for the ‘entourage effect’.

CBD Isolate is 97-99% pur CBD crystal.

Certified Organic CBD products are available.

Water Soluble CBD is coming soon to  Ask about it today.

All our products are produced using sustainable agriculture, sourcing our hemp from family farms in America.  We only supply products that are free of pesticides or other harmful products.


Order Today

We would love to talk with you today to see how we can make your company fulfill its CBD needs.

We know you may have questions about how enriched CBD oil can help your company.

For information about our hemp oil extraction or wholesale CBD oil, contact Kind Xtractor at (303) 300-7000.