Is hemp oil the same as full spectrum CBD oil?

Short Answer: No. When hemp seeds are pressed, this results in a hemp oil which has various uses and is basically a complementary product to the many hash oils which are on the market today. With its grassy flavor, it can be used in many different sorts of recipes, but basic hemp oil lacks many antioxidants and natural vitamins which are quite beneficial when consumed. So, in order to provide an oil that has many of these great benefits, there is a variety produced which is known as full spectrum CBD oil. Many people now prefer this full spectrum option over the isolates which have been sold the longest.

A multitude of cannabinoids

Full spectrum CBD oil aims to incorporate the entire assortment of cannabinoids which naturally occur in the plant. This is called the entourage effect. At the top of this list is, of course, CBD or Cannabidiol, which ranks highest by weight. It has been shown to be able to help people with pain and anxiety as well as offer a host of other surprising positive health effects. Everything from seizures, heart health, bone growth, insomnia, and much more have all been shown to react positively in various studies throughout the community. But the other cannabinoids do not lag far behind.


One of those other minor cannabinoids is Cannabigerol, which is also known by its abbreviation CBG. One of its effects is that it helps to limit the paranoia that is so often associated with highs. A reduction in overall anxiety and muscle tension have also been linked to this lesser-studied CBG. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-depressive properties make it good for other things as well. Full spectrum CBD oil also includes amounts of Cannabinol (CBN) which have been shown to be one of the more important elements when it comes to sleep disorders and appetite stimulation. In the right amounts, it is as effective as a dose of diazepam.

Terpenes and diversity

Terpenes such as Myrcene have a myriad of health benefits, and they are also found inside full spectrum products. For example, Myrcene can lower the resistance at the blood-brain barrier so that other substances will have an easier chance at making it through and presenting their own effects. Anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and antimutagenic are all properties which can only be beneficial, and so Pinene, Limonene and many of the other terpenes which are aromatic in the smoked varieties (giving marijuana its distinct smells) are all found inside.

The entourage effect

There are many others which are all lesser studied due in no small part to the many regulations regarding the use of the products. However, when combined in full spectrum CBD oil, just as it is found in the natural plant, allows for the endocannabinoid system to be hit with the entourage effect. The entourage effect is how nature intended people to experience the many awesome ingredients, and so it is best to receive it that way. This synergistic method allows all of the mentioned particles to complement each other and amplify the effects over what would be experienced in an isolated intake.

What does this mean?

Full spectrum CBD oil is a great product which should be worked into more consumer products so to increase the benefits to the end consumer and boost sales for the savvy entrepreneur. Adding Full Spectrum CBD Oil to lotion, vitamins, suppliments, bottled water or sport drinks are all great business opportunities. Basic hemp oil only provides a single line of action, while the full spectrum CBD oil is able to make the best use of the cannabinoids, terpenes, terpenoids, and the like through the inclusion of all of them in the one product. There are so many medical benefits that it would be impossible to list them all, and it often seems like there is very little that the full spectrum CBD product is not able to be used for. Arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, concussion prevention are some of the conditions where there is a homeostasis imbalance in the sufferer which is restored back through the benefits of the whole plant. Disruptions in a person’s body temperature, heart rate, sleep cycles or even appetite can be helped. Science is striving to learn more and more about this full spectrum CBD oil, and it should be high on any list of possible treatment options.